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Thread: FS is the most nerfed/useless class

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    Quote Originally Posted by providen1990 View Post
    Just bm2 and jump in and break their melee line (when they attacking guard) You need to know when to use aod. That would slow them down a lot. The more people the war has, the more important FS is. I would say FS is bad overall if the war is like 20 vs 20 or less. BTW SS is good too make use of it, FS perform best when they have a partner
    It is just how the class is designed the most important piece in pve and defense support role in pvp and never a dps class. They can't make you the king in both front (even though FB is kinda king in both front but that why it is OP )
    BTW it is impossible to make classes to be balanced. For now i think it is the most balanced since cabal started.
    Then we will have a new thread complaining that FB is not solo King

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    FB is trash

    RIP El Shaddoll Construct =(

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    Them BL too op too remove them from game pls

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