I wonder if there is anyway to escalate the ticket or report these stupid GMs? My account just got blocked for no reasons, they claimed it was because that I used third party program which was not true at all so I asked them for proof but they just kept saying that my tickets were duplicated. I think that it was because the fact that I stood next to one of those FS hackers and ks their drops and someone reported me. Even I myself reported those FS hackers and they didn't get banned at all but I myself got banned. Shouldn't they have a record of who killed the bosses? Even if I was using hack, why would I use it on my main account which I spent a lot of money and time on. Anyone who has run dungeons with me would know that I would not use hack but there is no way to explain to those stupid GMs, and if i have hack, why would I bother running dungeon in a party anymore. If anyone has experienced this problem or know a way to help me get back my account, that would really be appreciated

My character is zDarkForcez, I think a lot of you know me and/or run dungeon with me