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Thread: Fa build help!

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    Fa build help!

    Requesting the aid of the most knowledgeable FAs in the game.
    If im building with multi amp gears what orbs would benefit me more?
    7/40 craftman sig orb + 8/40 craftman sig orb?
    7/40 craftman sig orb + 36 cdi forci/arch/palladium?
    7/40 craftman sig orb + 20/8 forci/arch/palladium?
    Which would be the best?
    Also, since my gears are SIG, should I run deog+offensive bike? deog+defensive bike? eos8+defensive bike? eos8+offensive bike?

    If you need any other info (cdi,amp, etc) ask me.
    I appreciate the help!
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    I don't play FA but I would assume 7/40 craftsman sig orb+8/40 craftsman sig orb would do you most dmg crits and non crits (considering your amped up gloves/suit you selling is still on your character). BUT, you're really lacking def. You're a glass cannon so I'd say run with deog and offensive/def bike. You'll need to switch depending on the situation. But hey, just my opinion....

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