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Thread: 191 FB and more

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Feb 2012

    191 FB and more

    191 FB hn15 50%
    Merg leth ring arionell
    5k basic craft
    Other items for sale
    Forcy blade craftsman +15 extreme 1
    Arch xtal craftsman +15 extreme 1
    Forcy gloves crafsmant 2slot free +15 extreme 1
    Forcy suit craftsman +11 1slot free
    Forcy boots craftsmant +9 hp on slot
    Rw3 bike +15 2slot extreme 1 with hp and attack on slot
    Bike epic converter lvl3 critical rate
    Bike epic converter lvl3 all attack up
    EoF +8

    If interested leave offers and IGN ill contact u in game

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    Nov 2011
    pm me DrWard

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