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Thread: Voucher Price

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    im loving it xD go go 300mil

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToasterStrudel View Post
    true. however, nor are several channels being full 'most' of the times. what if gms ninja lowered the channel limits? oooooor what if the channels are instead filled with more bots? though i guess you saying war becomes bigger than usual sometimes is a good indicator
    Have to agree in saying that there are a lot more botters than I remember. Non-the-less, the ratio of sellers to buyers has changed, hence why the increase in price.

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    There does seem to be more bots lately.


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    Tl;dr but I'm going to give my input. Sorry if anyone has already said this.
    At first I thought the server merge would do 1 of 2 things to the voucher price. Either 1. it would drive them down as many people from other server would also be buying vouchers and selling them or 2. drive them up because people from other server would buy voucher more than they put in the market (which i believe is the case).
    Its all a matter of supply and demand.
    After the merge we saw vouchers retain the same price on average.
    Why are they so expensive now?
    After that last amp scroll event ESTSoft showed that they wanted people to pour more money into the game than they already were. So, they made rate of getting stars/ornaments really low so people buy presents with ecoins. Still, we saw the price not go up too much but it did slightly.
    ESTSoft strategy is to put out as much things as they can in the CS so that voucher prices drive up and when people see how much they're selling for they pour USD into the game.
    Evidence of this; after the event we have this "itemshop revamp" where they put a bunch of stuff back into the CS and now extreme core "event". They're going to keep doing this. People can't really play this game without vouchers anymore, even to sell things u need acc xfers or binding stones. People won't ever stop buying vouchers. Their constant "events/sales" will keep voucher prices high. Vouchers at high prices gets people to buy them.

    It's not that many people aren't selling vouchers anymore. I believe there's actually more people buying vouchers now more than ever (w/ USD im saying).
    The reason why the price isn't going down is because we're not letting them sit in AH for a while until they go down. We're just buying them at w.e. price they are.
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