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Thread: Salt over 9000!!!

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    Angry Salt over 9000!!!

    Warning high salt content

    As I'm sure we're all aware there was a guild video event. Surprised about first place? who isn't. Note: yeah they might not be ordered from first to last descending *shrugs*. Not only is first place not even an active guild, it's not even a guild at all. There's no LEGITIMATE active guild with the server merge underscore_ anymore, everyone can afford the 10 mill. What's more is, I just created the guild name JonasBrothers. Is this real life? It's 10 mill. No titles, guild names or character names in the video? NO PROBLEM, no comments, no credits? NO PROBLEM. So it's obvious this "guild" if we can even call it that, is just there for the guild rewards and has absolutely no desire to do anything GUILD based. You know, since we're making a GUILD video and all.

    Upload to YouTube they said

    After uploading, getting muted from copyright, re-uploading, getting duplicate, re-rendering, getting muted instantly, re-rendering, uploading to another account, fighting copyright on first video, editing out the copyright infringement song on the second video, fighting the copyright on the last video. We finally had our guild video with all hyperlinks provided and all within the time. So perhaps, that had implications to receiving information, even though we had a confirmation email saying you understand *cough*... (THIS IS YOUR ESCAPE ROUTE TO GO WOW WHAT AN UNFORTUNATE MISTAKE THIS WAS, HERE YOU GO DARKLIGHT STOP WHINING). But yes, this process was utterly ridiculous and to any that get the unfortunate event that the producers do not want to monetize your ads, you need to dispute the claim and copy and paste the Copyright Disclaimer section 107 Act 1976 and patiently wait, comments in your video do absolutely NOTHING.

    The judging process

    We would like to know what the judging criteria is. THIS IS OFFENSIVE. This is straight out insulting to everyone who participated. We didn't realize it was being judged by the deafblind, perhaps information like this should be included in the description. Instead of wasting days and hours of all our time we could have just slapped together a windows movie maker during break and called it a day. I wouldn't be posting this if the videos, especially the first, didn't make me want to set my eyeballs on fire and sew my ears to the side of my face. This only leads to further speculation on just HOW ~_^ the video winners are chosen and just exemplifies how CABAL is advocating a GUILD and what a GUILD video truly means in this game. I'm pretty sure, I could have a lobotomy and still know which video to choose here. It's plain and simple, so why did we not place? what is YOUR judging criteria? ._.


    As we know, only come around every never (salt might fester and I might die). One of those winning guilds are completely wasting theirs, cool not cool. There is mimic scamming guilds to Darklight called Darknight for example (actually exists), people don't read correctly and blame us for scamming. Guess what stops that, an emblem :) DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW IT FEELS TO THROW AWAY AN EMBLEM TO A FAKE GUILD and now deal with more of this nonsense based off your mistakes?

    In elongated salt summary

    Our video met all the requirements. Our video and guild for that matter is undeniably, unequivocally, irrefutably better than JonasBlows in every way, shape, or form.

    We want to know, what is this and why us? seriously we want an appropriate human response from someone that actually can do something about this. This is an insult to the entire guild of Darklight and really to anyone who participated. Can't you just do what's right and correct your faults? no excuses. This isn't based on personal taste, no one on planet Earth agrees with you. I'm sure you don't want to "waste" your time to correct mistakes you have, or others made, and would much rather continue on living, pretending to not make mistakes, unlike like us inferior life form humans. You don't need to lie and pretend by saying something like, it's just unfortunate and the judges tastes were a fake guild and 4 fps videos, I believe in you. How about constructive criticism so I can get brain surgery to think like whoever judged this competition.

    We seriously don't know what we can do now for the next emblem event if/when there is one. Do we make an even better wicked sick video with more time and preempt it so we're not juggling a life at the time? to only get ripped to shreds with this flawed voting system all over again. Is the worst videos the ones which get chosen here? do we do the opposite? What kind of sorcery is afoot? Is there some black market or back alley action deals, I mean darn, we're desperate here and this emblem and guild wide costumes means a lot to us, I'll do it and take one for the team.

    Now we've got to continue on playing, getting reminded for 90 days (electronica costumes from winning guilds) that you've basically taken a hulk dump down our throats for a reason no one can understand. Look even I, who had a significant role in this video and unintentional bias opinion, know, this video isn't the greatest thing or even close. However, it's without a doubt, better than a 1 minute, half thought out non-existing guild entry with footage not even of their guild. So why did you choose them?

    This isn't a me VS you problem CABAL support staff / GM, this isn't even a guild VS you problem, this is a COMMUNITY VS you as I hope the comments exemplify and I hope it encourages you to do something about this.

    This means more to us than most of anyone reading could probably imagine, so trolls, flamers, uncool people, please save your wife beating personalities for another post please.

    I'd personally like to know our communities thoughts, GM's simply don't care enough? our video is complete trash and I need to kill myself because existence as I know it is forever backward? or the address I need to go to, so I can park my slab out front and put a few large in the mailbox and sneak back wearin' my J's.

    Thank you to all who support this salty, cringe-worthy, over salted, salt fest. Please comment your opinions o-o :) And actually thank you to all that enjoyed it :3

    Darklight upload 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9Mie9AHs6k

    1. JonasBrothers_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPvIMic2mC0

    2. TROLL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_bzpY0K89A

    3. CtrlAltDel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsSZA5NaUuc

    4. BattleGroup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xd3KH7-2i8

    Please exchange all the we to I, and the we're to I'm. These views/opinions and statements are of my own <3 kinda sorta maybe. So if there's any finger pointing, you know where to aim it. Thank you for reading.

    Jensen - Darklight's biggest nub.

    P.S Cheers T for letting me use your forum acct, the verification mail didn't send for ours... figures.

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    this post is lit

    I want a dickbutt emblem. est pls.

    easiest video selection= number each video 1-whatever
    roll a die
    whatever number lands on wins
    Last edited by doomer123; 02-16-2016 at 09:24 PM.
    RIP El Shaddoll Construct =(

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    i "sorta, kinda, maybe" understand your frustration but i think you could have gotten your point across with less amount of words...much less. i kind of gave up reading the whole thing, much wall of text; summary wasn't really a summary either

    anyways, from my understanding, i agree that your guild video should have earned you a winner spot when compared to some of the announced winners. like come on, jonasbrothers_ one was legit a 1min video featuring scenes of which their guild name, and guild member names were all hidden; probably wasn't even a video of their own guild meaning they should have been automatically disqualified

    frankly speaking, your better off trying next time, there's nothing you can do at this point to contest the official announced winners. regarding if gms care or not? just look at how the forum is not even monitored and filled with buying alz posts, using usd to buy items, etc. the only time gms actually post is if they have a maintenance which everyone has already seen on the official website. or, they reply to something like 3 months late. those constant annoying a** megaphones before and sometimes after nation war starts and its coupled with gm buff...all macro bots lelol
    all a matter of business tho, if est keeps at it with these events that are not well thought out, i can imagine there won't be much time left
    Last edited by ToasterStrudel; 02-16-2016 at 09:40 PM.

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    You have a higher chance of finding a sehh than GM reading this post bahahaha!

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    You have a point, especially since people that are trying to make forum accounts can't even receive their activation email to have permission to reply to this

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    Jensen's a gc, pls give emblem ocewot

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    Kinda funny that you don't even see 1 name on the video of the jonas

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    This is such nonsense how does a non existing guild win
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    troll guild.jpg

    I dont know if this is true or not. Please clarify

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    Idk man
    had I known winning would have been this easy, I would have entered my attempt of making a guild video

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