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Thread: Shield protector is sending wrong informations..

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    Thumbs down Shield protector is sending wrong informations..

    Hello, this is a problem that doesn`t allow me to play this game, well, this shield that is security check is simple sending wrong information about me having suspicious program, I really don`t know why is he reporting suspicious programs running in background, I don't have anything running in background, I don't have any viruses I even have been started Windows Defender to see if I have any viruses, and I don't have Windows Defender said that my computer is safe and clean, but it keeps sending me these messages about suspicious program running while im trying to login, it is impossible to start playing... here is the screenshot, I know that it say that you should contact the support of the program, but they are asking me for some private information that im scared to provide as I was hacked in this game, so here`s the screenshot Untitled.jpg

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Dec 2013
    No, XIGNCODE is not really checking suspicious programs.
    It's only checking your suspicious resource usage.
    So when your ram gets overflow (even if it's because of Cabal other than any program), the game will crash and you will get the message.

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Aug 2013
    Idk man
    got the same problem. going from win7 > win8 > win8.1 > win10 didn't help either. lol
    pretty much got worse and worse with every new update I did.

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