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Thread: question about dungeon drops

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    question about dungeon drops

    hey.can i get mergahep ring from mergahep chest on any level ? maybe 170+ or is there a level limit for get drop ? thanks for answers

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    Mergaheph ring is from the chest after you kill Mergaheph, chances do not increase with difficulty level. Level doesn't matter. Just do the daily quest for the cores, only need like 25 to craft merg ring. 25 Runs over 25 days and it's a guaranteed ring.

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    newer players have it so easy now. i remember people needing like 200 or 300 runs back when it was released. cabal rng is pretty silly

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    thank you guys

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    Not a problem, for future reference, check out the Guide sections of the forums. There is some useful information for new players as well as other helpful tips and tricks. If you can't find it there, check out the wikipedia.

    While not fully updated, it still has a lot of valuable resources for players

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