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Thread: Easter event

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Easter event

    This year easter event is really boring for titan (cuz it is designed for atlas server) You don't get anything good from the cake. Will the future event gonna be like this as well (event designed for atlas) ? Titan is forgotten by the GM ? Discuss

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    Shadow Titanium ToasterStrudel's Avatar
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    it's not that bad...having an event is better than no event. it's not like this event is completely useless like the level up for sh*tty rewards last time where the people who were level 200 couldnt even participate. if you think this event is boring, then don't participate in it its not mandatory. you're missing out on good items like aop7, carnelians you can horde then mass upgrade, elemental crystal for epic booster and extreme upgrade cores/repairs

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    ya better listen to the cabal guru
    In another dimension...Miavii is still alive

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