Each year when this event comes to cabal it is the worst time to be here. It brings out the worst in people, I'm talking about the people who come by and steal drops from the person who actually did the killing. This is not how an event should be held, EST has scratched the surface of what a great event can be but they are so blinded by all of the money you all keep giving them to care enough about helping all the players. An event like this can be great! If only it wasn't a mad dash to get items or a free for all on drops from the bosses.

This all could and should have been avoided, this company whose game we play should want to host events that benefit everyone and not just the lucky few who manage to outdo a macro'd space bar. As we see in many online games now days there is the possibility of individual loot from each boss that only you can pick up. I can't see how EST hasn't grasped this concept that its OK to let people have a fair chance at being great at this game, that it is OK to give back to the community who play this game so laboriously.

This event is just another example among the many that prove that this game isn't worth supporting any further it isn't worth all the hassle for so much of a little reward for playing if any at all. EST I know you have people who work for you and who play video games as well, but yet you allow such negativity to thrive in this community. You allow bots whom im sure actually belong to you to farm quest alz just to keep item prices high, you allow people to sell their alz for real currency yet ban people who buy it from a 3rd party website. You allowed too much chaos to breed and now you have no control over your own game, this is why you always give us the worst events.

You allowed cash shoppers to reign supreme while the rest of us barely get by with risking everything we have almost daily just to get that one item we all need. Since this games inception it has been rife with competitiveness but what I'm seeing now isn't competitive its just everyone scrambling about and flailing just trying to get better.

EST you grew complacent with your money you were making from this game you failed to actually update the game. It has been 8 years and there are still the same crappy options for character customization and the rest of the options behind a pay wall. 8 years have went by and you still have not updated the game graphically, so what did you do? you released cabal II which is just a far cry from what people were actually wanting from you all. cabal II didn't fix anything instead it made players flee away from your company. You can barely manage 1 game properly and you thought it was a good idea to release another game so your staff is spread even more thinly than it was before and as a result both games have suffered.

EST I hope at least 1 person from your company reads this and thinks the same way I do so that maybe change can happen and this game can see a boom in players once again who are here to actually play and have fun.