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Thread: Selling 191 Wizard (Quitting SALE!)

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    Selling 191 Wizard (Quitting SALE!)

    Selling this 191 Wizard 60% Exp Female Capella
    Hr 20 ALL RUNES ARE MAXED!! w/ 63k Wexp Points and 245 Extra AP
    PVP Blended Runes (Force Pressure II) (Counter Force II)
    PVE Blended Rune (Force Pressure I)
    w/ 35k Kills on Capella Side and 15k Kills on Proc Side

    10k Orb Crafter
    7.6k Crystal Crafte
    7999 Ring Crafter
    6999 Amulet Crafter
    w/ x163 Chloe's Token

    Char Bind Items
    50 Hp 56 Def Drosnin Earings
    Leth Tyrant
    Killian's Ring
    Paladium Hands 7 Amp (Free)
    Paladium Orb 14 Amp (Free)

    Account Binding Items, selling super cheap w/ Character
    x16 100% WEXP Bead (1Day/3days/7Days/3Hrs) = 20m Each x16 = 320M
    x1 100% Blessing Bead (30 Days) = 100m Only
    x3 Enchant Safeguard (High) = 70m Each Only x3 = 210M
    x3 Enchant Safeguard (Med) = 30m Each Only x3 = 90M
    x4 Enchant Safeguard (Low) = 15m Each Only x4 = 60M
    Orphidia's Unbinding Stone = 200m Only
    x3 Critical Ring +2 = 75m Each Only x3 = 225M
    x1 Ring of Luck +2 = 80m Only x1 = 80M
    Chaos Talisman +5 = 350m Only x1 = 350M
    Chaos Talisman +0 = 30m Only x1 = 30M

    If you want any of this items it will be add on to the current offer on the wizard.

    Costume Items, selling super cheap w/ Character
    Weapon Costumes
    Hellforged Weapon Orb
    Funny Christmas Orb/Xtal
    Funny Christmas Katana/Daikatana
    Halloween Horror Orb/Xtal
    Halloween Horror Katana/Daikatana
    Plasmium GreatSword
    Plasmium Xtal
    Snow Star Blade/GreatSword
    Water Elemental Blade/GreatSword
    Snow Star Katana/Daikatana
    Snow Ice Orb/Xtal

    Character Costumes
    Cabal Cops Hat
    Shutter Shade
    Devil Horn
    Forcium Visor
    Wild Western Hat
    Japanese Traditional Gala Headress x2
    Pumpkin Helmet x2
    Epaulet of Freed
    Korean Gala Dress
    Huan Martial Set
    Cabal Assasin Hood
    Forcium Martial Set
    Forcium Battle Set
    Forcium Armor Set w/ 3 Slot all Evasion
    Wedding Hair Accessory x2
    Skeleton Mask


    Free Items that will come w/ the Character
    x8 Superior Core (high)
    x1 Enhanced Core (highest/high/medium)
    x90 Rage Elixir (Lv1)
    x32 Rage Elixir (Lv3)
    x26 Holy Water of Crit. Strike
    x59 Holy Water of Speed
    x18 Critical Elixir (Lv3)
    x15 Penetration Potion (+200)
    x5 Accuracy Potion (+200)
    x6 Damage Reduce Potion (+100)
    x10 Protection Of Veradrix
    x46 Win Elixir (Lv1)
    Blessing Bead Warehouse #8
    x17 Leap Of Heroes
    x27 Honorable Circles

    and some more items.......

    Buy-Out Price = Undecided
    Current-Offer Price = 7.250b

    Mail Me INGAME Yieh if you have any questions
    or PM me on my FaceBook if you Search up Yieh Cabal

    Also Selling Osmium Shoes (WI) 2 Slot 14 Amp with 1 Free Slot B/O 3b

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