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Thread: Selling FS 171

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    Exclamation Selling FS 171

    Greetings all, selling FS 171
    HR12, new honor quests not even started, got the quest for faction change.
    3000 basic craft
    3000 ring craft
    merga ring
    11 amp ST gloves +11
    DMG reduction rune maxed
    HP lvl 11
    NO Arionell

    Selling it CHEAP, need alz please ingame mail: IGotBigSword WA 186
    c/o 180m

    Link: http://imgur.com/a/04HsU
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    would you like to trade for my bl?
    full info provided, mail me IGN: DiendGalaxy

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    It's in the same account as my main, I just want to get rid of it ^.^

    Le Bump

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    Le bumpino

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