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Thread: Cash shop

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    Cash shop

    Hi i bought enhanced core high from cash shop,and i cant trade or sell it,it says account binding,what does it mean?everything what i buy from the cash shop isnt tradeable?i saw some stuffs in game with the same and was tradeable? Pls help me.i dont want to waste my ecoins

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    Account bind means you are unable to trade or sell the item that is "account bound", however you can transfer the item to other characters within the account. For your 2nd question, those tradeable Enhanced Core (High) are gained from events (or possibly bought Core Enhancer (High) off cash shop somehow, but this irrelevant to the question)

    I hope that answers all of your questions, and a piece of advice, you are better off buying CABAL Gift Voucher(Bronze) and selling them instead of buying other items in Cash Shop.

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