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Thread: Xigncode Error

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    Xigncode Error

    Greetings CABAL Fans,

    We are working closely with Xigncode to correct the error that is preventing some of you from enjoying CABAL Online! To be able to resolve the issue, we need your help!

    If you wish to assist us so that we can improve your online experience, please send us an email at [email protected] with the following information.

    What to Submit in Your Email
    Subject: [CABAL][NA][Titan] Xigncode Error Log
    Subject: [CABAL][NA][Atlas] Xigncode Error Log
    1. Character Name
    2. Service/Server
    3. Attach File: Xigncode.log
    4. Attach File: Screenshot of error

    Please open your CABAL Online folder > XIGNCODE > locate text document xigncode

    Those who submit their logs and screenshots by July 24th before 11:59PM (PDT), will receive a FREE Blessing Bead Plus (3 Hours)!

    Blessing Beads will be sent out periodically between now and July 24th only to players who follow directions.
    One Blessing Bead per account.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support!

    CABAL Support Staff
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    Please note that this goes for ANY Xigncode error.

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    good job. No BB Recieved. Error still there.
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    What is the status of the Xign code errors? I've yet to get a reply to my e-mail and I'm getting booted every 5 mins right now. All anti-virus is shut off, still being a pain.
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    seriously GM, fixed this goddam error. it seems like the only way is to get rid of xigncode3 completely.
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