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Thread: SELL>> Lvl 200 War Hr 18

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    SELL>> Lvl 200 War Hr 18

    Selling lvl 200 Warrior with both rings, some binding Achi gears 7amp
    runes 16/16 with dame reduce (no pen, ignore pen and accu)
    Basic craft 5k
    Infor can be seen in some pics
    Leave your offer here or mail me in game: LegendGL

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    do you take usd if so leave me an offer so i can make you one

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    Hi bro, we just accept ALZ only
    none c/o or b/o yet

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    Drei jimbo's Avatar
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    May 2010
    AH Window Shoping
    How much u want for it

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    Hi bro. The C/O now is 5.8bil
    make your offer

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