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Thread: Force classes vs non force class..

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    Force classes vs non force class..

    So I've noticed over the years I've played this game and I'm not sure if anyone else has but is it me or are force classes cheaper to build the non force classes? Seriously gaining rate for non force classes is super expensive down the road and force classes always have natural rate built in. Granted they have lower base but Def make up with rate and dmg. I haven't tested basic gear 1v1 to test natural ability yet but I just wanted to see anyone else's opinion on this matter.

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    The cheapest class to build in the game is GL, not a force class. Also an FB is one of the most expensive classes as well. The main benefit that FB has is its high crit rate, not requiring crit rate slots, however at end game it makes it even harder to build due to ideal setups requiring amp slot weapons/helm.

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