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Thread: Cabal is giving viruses? help please........

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    hes in distress, where do u think

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    Quote Originally Posted by sora View Post
    Uhm some1 please explain why cabal is giving me a virus called: Win32:rootkit-gen [Rtk]... and how to fix it................. i used several installers.. all end up giving me the same thing... please help....... im using Avast as virus protection......
    For Original Poster and the other having probs. Applies to Avast 5.0+
    1) open the Avast Control Panel (User Interface) by right clicking the Avast System Icon bottom right and Selecting top selection
    2) Go to the Real-Time Shields Tab, and Select the File System Settings
    3) In that dialog select expert settings to open that dialog box
    4) Click Exlusions
    5) Move down to the bottom of the list displayed to the first open, available Custom Entry.
    6) Make sure the new entry has all 3 check boxes selected (R (Read), W (Write), X (Exectute or Executable)), then click the browse button.
    7) In the Browse Dialog point Avast to C:\Program Files\OGPlanet\Cabal Online\*, or C:\Program Files\Cabal Online (US)\*, or where ever you installed Cabal to, myself it is installed to C:\User\Public\Games\Cabal Online (US) and make sure to have the "*" for all files and subdirectories there to be excluded, and click OK button
    8) Click Next Ok button, and close out the User Interface, done, enjoy your game.

    Got this error myself 2day after Avast updated itself, and is how I did to get the game to run instead of just dropping or Avast moving the main executable to the virus chest. This is a false positive, just like most Avast and other A-V that report such and such is possible threat Win32:virustype-gen nomenclatures. Reason it is being reported is due to the fact GameGuard is wishing exclusive Admin Privledges to monitor hardware and memory for hacks, cheats and macros. If you are running Avast 4 check the Avast help documentation about adding in a new exclusion and use same steps in 6, 7, and 8 if i remember correctly, just getting to the Exlusions List are a bit different between ver 4 and 5.

    Hope that helps you.

    Off Topic Subject
    Known A-V resource hogs are majority of your prolific Commercial Products like Symantec/Norton (#1 known resource hogging P.O.S on the market), McAfee and couple of others. Avast, AVG and couple other free A-V products run far lighter than Norton and McAfee as they don't run as many dang services for 1 simple dang product, to much bundle crap in them imo, and will bog down any lower end system like posted earlier. TBH, yes, be smart what you download and accept onto your computer is good advice, but doing so without an A-V installed (even w/o active shield processes (scanner processes) for on access scanning is just asking for trouble. Download something off the net, flash drive, or discs w/o scanning the file afterward is just again asking for disaster. Person that mentioned Windows Live's version of an A-V, pffft, Microsnot can barely program an Operating System worth a rats (explicit) what makes you think they can program a proper Anti-Virus, 3rd party dedicated Security Programming Companies that offer A-V products are the way to go, wether free or commercial IMO, but to each their own poison ;-).

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    Silver it dosen't work that way i have Avast to all i did was deactivate the standard shield of avast when starting cabal all the other shields are left on and i get no problems i did all that u did and it didn't work soo i had no choice but to deactivate one of the shields to let it through
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    yay now we have 2 threads with the same fix... wish people would read the forums before posting.. like the thread that says AVAST WON"T LET ME PLAY RAWRRRR or whatever its called lol

    done using the free version of avast.
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    Avast! Anti-Virus could be the problem.
    Cabal does in fact contain a harmless virus and as you know Avast blocks ALL virus's if their detected.

    I've had the same problem and the only thing you have to do is open Avast > Maintenance > Virus Chest
    Look for CabalMain.exe > Right Click > Restore

    That should work that's what I did and Cabal is working just fine now but keep in mind that you may have to do the same process for future use.

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