If you play rakion currently, then I want to trade my rakion account or sell my rakion account to you for either (cabal cash, when it comes out),(alz in the 100mil+) or (trade for items worth value.

Yes, I no longer play rakion but my account is very exceptional. I have spent over $300 on it along with years of training my characters and cells. It contains many cash cells and cash gears with (Northsoul set for blacksmith)+12 echentment. Cells inculds level 43 soul cannon, (2) 52 muskteers a level 47 golem, white naks and 3 black naks. My account also has some event items such as jack'o lanturn neckless(very rare), west soul, elemental sets for blacksmith mainly. My main is a level 67 blacksmith used to be in xBHx (Oldest and top clan in the game) I am no longer in it due to inactivly for well over a year.

If you are interested please post a reply or contact me via e-mail: tapquesthelp@gmail.com

we can make an arrangment for me to show you my rakion account and all the things on it to prove i'm not scamming, meaning I'll go on my rakion account to show it to you. Rakion no longer interest me as much as cabal, I had stop playing it over a year ago. Long since I have looked for an oppertunity to get somthing out of it after the amount of cash and time I put into it.

~this is strictly for the benefits of the people who enjoys both cabal and Rakion. Please do not post nasty comments if you don't play.