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Thread: I.... Just can't do it anymore.

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    best free game is stop playing game and let the troll begin....... .... .. .

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    Ive Played a few other games and cabal is by Far the best. It has its flaws but every game does. Luck base on drops and upgrading are the big thing and only thing that really irritate me. Cant really complain about grinding becuase theres grinding in everygame. Although i Agree those Mid lvls are horrible. But try to party grind most of the time, party dungeon,solo dungeon, g2 war, craft, Boss hunt, Join a nice friendly active guild. you dont have 2 grind by urself 24/7 till 170 u can mix it up. Why its Fun to solo somethings doing most with other ppl will make the game more fun and grinding/farming go by faster/smoother. Btw ive never spent money on the game and ive had a wonderful time.

    as for F2p games idk sorry just google and try one that looks good i guess lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valdoroth View Post
    Edit: btw what happened to GWs? i never hear of any happening anymore
    Eh.....they happen, but they're never very big or long......no massive All-Map wars....mostly cause Ch1 isnt a trade channel, so you cant have people just romping all over in UG, or MF or some I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ and have a small scale nation war at the same time :< its kinda sad really
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1warriorsage View Post
    I've played Cabal almost since open beta. Good times, bad times, bad times, bad times, better times, then some bad times after that, and I'm ready to move on.

    I think we all hoped for a fresh start when it went back to EST - instead we learned OGP was only a fumbling copy of EST's policies. I'm not excited about the new skills at all, not even enough to confirm whether or not they'll come to the NA version. Just another band-aid on the rotting corpse that is this game (only the buzzing troll-flies are left, and a couple of mourners like me). I personally think they're just milking it for all they can until Cabal 2 comes out and they ditch us all.

    Lowered drop rates, worsening community, blah blah, you've all heard it before. Their business planner should be fired (the people with actual money to spend don't have 3 hours to grind a RoL+1).

    What I want to know is, does anybody know any GOOD F2P games? It may be a moot question, since if you did, you probably wouldn't be here, but I thought I'd try anyway. I've already searched, played, and ruled out RF Online, Atlantica Online, Perfect World, Jade Dynasty, 9 Dragons, and Dofus Online.

    For your recommendations: I don't care if there's pvp in it, though it would be a nice option. No trials, no exp walls (like Cabal's perpetual "eff you pay us now" wall after 110), good solo potential, no sprites, no cookie-cutter builds, no goddamn temp item event schemes, and a good community.

    Thanks in advance to all the decent people that are still out there.
    I think the same as you, btw u play PWI? im playing that now ;D

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