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Thread: Mergaheph Quest

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    I think with the increase exp/drop rate event today, all those who havent gotten it yet should give it a try. Who knows. o.o
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roopo View Post
    Everytime I'm killing the flesh golems, I start to get excited thinking "maybe it'll drop" but all this high hope leads to a downfall, and im bout to commit suicide. FML

    One time i killed the chest and I was watching the "item" fall in midair, it was an item I have never seen before (it was in midair so it didnt have the name above it yet, so i got super excited in the fraction of a second) only to find out it was a belt. SLDJKFLSKFJLASHDJKSDFJKh

    Wow my randomness typing made a smiley face.
    this happened to me lmmfao! but @ merg. also, the flesh golems don't drop the ring. it drops from the red mergaheph legacy chest and it's called.... something stupid. Ring of Darkness? or something.

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    Ummm Could u mean the Ring of Evil??? and btw 100+ runs retook quest 4 times still no luck.. but got enough coating kits to make my bike +6. i mean come on Blazelord loves me more then Merg does. Blaze at least gave me a bike and some Amp stuff Merg just UCH or nothing at all.

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    aHAHAHA u guys are funny i got the ring on my 355th run in eod then i went on my FB boom got it 1 shot then i start to get the same drop over and over for 20 something drops was lucky i guess wasted 40mil for eods just for the freaking worthless ring
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    You'd like to know, wouldn't you?
    You have to be one of the chosen one's to get the ring,

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    64 runs, finally, lol

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    ive found it purely by random. deleted the quest and have gotten it numerous times after. enough times in fact to make me really disgusted at it. but is even worse having people shout for it offering a bil or 2 bil alz for it not realizing its character bound. if it wasnt could have made billions by now! >.>

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    "then two to three people replied back at him, they said that the best way to get the ring is to do all the quests of the dungeon. but before doing so, you got to abandon quest and retake it again (as if refreshing the process of taking the quest) if you have tried so many times."

    I'm pretty sure this really works. I did this by accident on my FA. Typical newbie mentality. Can't complete a quest (merg) then you ditch it when you need room for another quest.

    My process went like this:

    1. Pickup merg quest.
    2. Remove merg quest.
    3. Pickup the 8 T helper eod quests.
    4. Pickup merg quest.

    On the FA it dropped on the 4th run. On my WI it dropped on the 18th run. It also dropped very early for my friend who did the same exact thing. In all 3 cases we finished the main story line quest chain before picking up the T helper quests too, not sure if this is relevant but it wouldn't hurt.

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    What if suddenly deleted the quest it is possible to get the merga ring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dholps View Post
    What if suddenly deleted the quest it is possible to get the merga ring?
    Sometimes, it drops even if you dont take the quest. O.O Happened to my fb.
    In another dimension...Miavii is still alive

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