Hello CABAL Players,

We have acknowledged the problem happened to some of our users that the accounts from OGP account transfer had been already completed, but was not allowed for log in to the game due to the message as follows:
“Please agree to transfer your OGP information to ESTsoft's account first.”.
Thanks to your cooperation, we found the cause and have corrected the system.

If you are still getting the message to complete the account transfer even you have already completed to do so, please log in to the main website and change the password for your account through “Account Management”.
Then, you will be allowed for the log in to the game with newly issued password without a problem.

Steps to be followed are as below:
- Step 1: Log in to the official website www.cabal.com
- Step 2: Go to the “Account Management” and change the password
- Step 3: Try to log in the game with newly issued password

We are sorry to cause any inconveniences with the transfer issues.
Your cooperation and generous patience are always appreciated.

CABAL Support Team