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Thread: Cannot do anything

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    Cannot do anything

    I am posting here due to not being able to send a ticket....that's pretty sad..

    anyways I sign up and its a bit of a weird way to register in the first place, i activate everything i need to but whenever I try to click on download, account, or generally anything it just says this "You should transfer or activate your account to use this page". How do I even make a ticket or anything if It wont even let me. Also i have send the email verification many times and when I try to transfer it always says "User not found" when i have clearly been able to log in and everything so it is indeed found but this site decides not to work. This has gotten very frustrating and is probably the worst sign up I have ever gone through.

    So long story short how the hell do i transfer my account?

    Edit: Tried Gmail and Hotmail, neither work because its not the emails that are the probelm
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