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Thread: Forum Moderators

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelScythe View Post
    I apply to be a forum Moderator!!!!



    [MOD] AngelScythe
    [MOD] DeathlikeHowls
    [MOD] Fishy
    [MOD] Mishon
    [MOD] Syllius
    [MOD] TWF
    [MOD] Enso
    [MOD] jimbo
    [MOD] Lethal
    [MOD] sn0wXz
    [MOD] Jeazy
    [MOD] Sheep


    Post your application here now!!!

    Note: When you post here, you are agree to become a forum moderator!
    Considering im ip banned from cabal, ... ka

    maybe theyll let me moderate via VPN ^_^

    kakakaka i aint promising i wont crash a few threads though cuz i do that like shops
    wa (unbanned) ||| other wa (r.i.p)
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    Titanium ArshesNei's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Everywhere like such as...
    I'll apply. I was a mod for another mmo forum before I quit the game. Plus, I'm 80-90% of the time bored at work and just scouting forums anyway. :S

    Edit: I take Girl Scout Cookie payments, or just regular awesome sauce tasting cookies kthx!
    Venus Server

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    Shadow Titanium Tramier's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
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    its something that i would do, i surf the forums at least once a day, have seen alot of stuff that shouldnt be here as well, lol +1

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