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Thread: OGP ID was already transferred! what do i do?

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    Exclamation OGP ID was already transferred! what do i do?

    Hello everyone, i want to play this game again but my main OGP account was already transferred to anther account on this website.

    I registered and then clicked on the "Verify" button to transfer the OGP account but it said that id was already transferred.

    I'm guessing someone stole my password but i never gave it away! Is there any way i can get my main OGP account back?

    Thanks in advance, by the way, my main character was called iShoes. If you see that character roaming around contact me ASAP and tell him to give me back my account =(

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    Right in the middle of Nowhere. It's pretty quiet here.
    Please go here immediately. I lay out what has happened and the solution in great detail.

    (For further reference, please post these types of issues on the tech issues forum area. You will get MUCH faster responses.)


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