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Thread: Boss respawn times

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    Boss respawn times

    Bosses(FgR, LS and PF bosses) should respawn every hour. Right now they either respawn every 3 hours or at a random time, and that makes them so difficult to hunt...how many times did i checked all 15 channels for karion/derks and couldnt find any? Too many times. Just make them respawn faster, it'll help the economy too -_-

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    if they respawn every hour its gonna be war in lakeside cause massive guilds are gonna be waitin for 1 derk

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    Yeah, respawning every 3 hours, that's ridiculous, specially with this crappy drop rate we have atm, waiting 3 hours to get a uch/fch is not encouraging.
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    Actually its fine. because if it spawned more then more good drops would exists therefore lowering the economy and making people stronger for cheaper, but that is the challenge of being strong. It costed them alot. Its not supposed to be easy to get great gear sets.

    Though i wholeheartedly agree that fch and uch shouldn't drop.

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    lol every 3 hrs? nope its actually random. i seen some ch's did respawnd for like 6hrs. theres some that spawn early *not gonna say what was the earliest spawn time ive seen* and the latest one i got was almost 8hrs, and gonna ask me how id know? i spent some time camping on them spawn spots sometimes when i am working/playing PS3 and check it once in a while to see if it spawned or not ^^

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    Well i've played a many mmo's and like FFXI all main bosses have spawn times.. just a suggestion not saying to actually copy, but like there spawns times on some bosses were like an hour.. then other BIG ones were like 21-24 hours.. or 1-3 hours... then like the BIIGG bosses were like 2-3 day spawn times.. with a 3 hour window where it could spawn... honostly.. it was fun and i loved it...

    Perhaps maybe if u gave some bosses spawn time windows.. of a few hours that would make it a lil easier, but at the same time with some challenge still?

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