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Thread: inventory, bank, storage why?

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    inventory, bank, storage why?

    ok i have 2 accounts, 1 is with the old OGP, and now is transfered to EST, i created a 2nd account just a week ago on 8-20-10 to sell from which is purely EST, my question in why can i access all 4 personal inventory slots or tiers on my new EST acct. but not my old OGP account.?

    the same question applies to the bank storage, i know i have to be lv 100 or rank 11 to access the 2nd tier of bank storage, this applies to but new & old accts. however i can access the 3rd slot or tier on my new EST acct. which was created to sell from. but i can't accss the 3rd tier on my old OGP transfered acct.?

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    free prem for new users? iono


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    I think you get free 7 day prem with a new account or something like that.

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