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Thread: Issue With Transfer of Account Data

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    Issue With Transfer of Account Data

    ok am having a huge problem with the transfer of my account i been gone from this
    game for a very very long time but i still have my e-mail that i made this account with. i reset my account password from ogp then i try to transfer the account but it keep saying its the wrong password when i got it from my e-mail,so then i went back to ogp to try loging into there main site to change my pass to something else found out the account is ban, but they still send me a temp password to my e-mail.Is there anyway for my to transfer my account with the temp password and my user name because its not working so far plz help

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    Hm...interesting. Well first off, if the account has actually been banned then there will be no way for you to actually play cabal. Regarding them still sending the temp password to your email; its really strange.
    About all i can suggest at the moment is to try it from a different computer(i would be happy to do it for you if you cannot), or submit a help desk ticket under a new account name and wait for a reply.
    ~anyways keep posting about this error incase others encounter it~
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