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Thread: New to Cabal

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    ok hex: do u like huge ass swords?(bigger than u). do u like having dual swords?(one in each hand). do u like being an archer?(with a fancy bow obviously). do u like just using magic skills?(orb in each hand aka wiz, most fun in my preference). do u like a guy w a sword and a shield?(good defense). do u like a cheap debuffing class?(sword in one hand,orb in other). otherwise join another game and be what these other ppl said. NiNjA

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    or don't use a weapon and be a boxer!

    warrior/blader would be easier to play as when just starting out considering the economy.. but force blader and force sheilder are a blast if you can pull it off
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    Depends on what you like :

    Solo bosses / Balanced : Blader, Warrior, Wizards
    Team play : Force Archer for heals, WI for sp buffs
    Nation Wars : Wizard, Warrior - most noticable - both have incredible bm2s built for mob kills
    Assasin / PK : Force Blader
    Survival / Mob killer : Force Shielder
    PvP : WA, sFS (but FS must be fully geared)
    Cheapest to gear : FA , FS

    Honestly all classes are good and have advantage / disadvantage. It just depends what you like. But those who are WA / WI are always very satisfied and almost never switch. The next people who complain least are probably bladers. Lot of FB / FA / FS switch now and then. I would also suggest to youtube some videos see what you like,

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    Really every class has there ups and downs.Depends on how you play.I suggest starting a Blader or WIZ.Probably the least used class is FA if you want to go that route.Most used is probably Force blader...not sure.

    Oh and as for cheapest to gear its Magic force sheilders lol.
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    wizard you can easly get more alz and items, specially if you are already high level. everybody needs wizard for SP, so.. they will keep hiring you for dungeons.. heheh

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilchaolaojr View Post
    you mean warlock o.o
    nahhhh son!!!!!! A summoner

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    just youtube WoW it will show u how to play Cabal

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    if u want an easy class to start out with its the blader or the warrior because they dont really take much work to build

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    Like what everyone else said, depends on your type of game play.

    If you like healing people, a party player like a Monk class or a Priest in other games however, at the same time, deal some damage from a range and buff people and stuff you should be a Force Archer or like people say FA.

    If you like to deal massive damage, blink (or teleport) away from mobs - or just stay away as far as possible -, buff people and heal their SP (Spirit Pressure I believe it stands for that enables people to use their combo's, battle modes and so on to get more increase in their stats so you go through dungeons faster and such) and is a party people then go wizard. However, you will have the lowest defense, so if this bother's you I suggest don't lol.

    If you like to solo stuff, deal a lot of damage, withstand damage (depending on your build) and be in the front lines then I suggest you go for a Blader or a BL. A brief introduction to them is that they have a lot of sword techniques, they have some debuffs to make enemies weaker and they have a pretty cool looking battle mode. They're an easy class to start out with but the skills and such may be a bit tricky.

    If you like the generic tank which does a lot of damage, wears armor and carries and big ass sword then go choose the Warrior class. They also have a lot of defense as well.

    If you're more like the paladin, white knight, or knight type of player where you can heal people as your secondary option. You can use party buffs to ensure that your party doesn't die while at the same time you can withstand a lot of damage and deal a lot of damage, go choose the Force Shielder class or FS. The FS class is most likely related to a warrior/monk class in any other game - in this sense it's somewhat similar to the Guild Wars 1 Warrior/Monk tank build.

    I hope that helps .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pakamon View Post
    Warrior/Blader are good starters and best if you're a lonewolf and not really rich.

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