Hi there

Some may know that i made Cabal Char Builder (http://forum.cabalonline.com/showthread.php?t=161295) and I am looking forward to make the builder that will be ready for the next update and for that I need little help from you.

I need one FB who can take off all equipment and then write down here all stats he has without any equipment on.

This is information I need:
- STR, INT, DEX points
- Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, Attack Rate, Defense Rate

PS: If someone can give me some pictures of eg OSM battle/armor/martial armor parts with different +x (white or blue) I would be happy so then I could see how much stats u get for each + grade on armor. Samo goes for weapons too ... I need pictures of blade/katanas stats with different+x grade and orb/crystal with different +x grades.

I thank you very much if you can help

Regards, Mesko