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Thread: Miavii's Guide

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    Miavii's Updated Force Archer Guide


    The Force Archer [FA]

    What's good about this class?

    -Astral Weapon: Astral Bow
    Increases Magic Attack, Attack Rate, Critical rate and Range as it levels. (Range will remain + 1)

    Has increase heal % buff, individual heal and party heal.

    -Long ranged Skills
    1~7 to 1~9 add +1 from Astral Bow and +1 from eagle eye. Can total skill Range of 1~11
    BM2 Normal Attack has +1 range increase

    -Fast Casting Skills
    As fast as 1.3 seconds cast time on lances

    What's the downside?

    - FA's begins early stages as a squishy and party reliant class.


    -HP and DEF are quite low
    . So at often times it will be difficult grinding and dueling, especially at early levels. Early low levels (below 120) is probably the toughest stage of a Force Archer's life.

    Other things to know about a FA

    • Moderate MP
    • Average Attack and Defense Rate
    • Have one spell that causes HP down effect [Poison Arrow]
    • Have three spells that cause stun [Gravity Distortion, Sonic Shooter and Arrow Barrage]
    • Have one spell that stuns and disable target from dashing and fading
    • Have two debuffs [Lower Defense and Blind]
    • Have quite a number of active/passive buffs including one Party buff [13 total but only 5 can be shared to other players]
    • One skill that removes unmove/root debuffs
    • One special buff that greatly increases Evasion and Def rate


    This is a pretty common set up. Your FA will be good to go having the following equipment listed.

    • HELMET: 2 slot 16% Critical Damage Helmet (Battle helm of Annihilation) (Amp, Critical Damage or Critical Rate on slot/s) or an ALTERNATIVE 2 slot 7% Amp increase Helm (Battle helm of Outrageous)
    • SUIT: 7-8% Amp Battle Suit (Amp or HP on slot/s)
    • GLOVES: 7-8% Amp Battle Gloves (Amp, HP steal or MCR on slot/s)
    • BOOTS: 7-8% Amp Battle Boots (Amp or HP on slot/s)
    • AMULET: Amulet of Pain +5 and up or Battler +6 and up
    • RINGS 1: Ring of Sage +7 - +10 or Critical Ring +1 - +3 (Leth Tyrant's ring will replace one of these if acquired)
    • RINGS 2: Mergaheph's/Killian's Ring or Ring of Luck +1 - +3
    • BRACELETS: Bracelet of Sage +3 - +8
    • CAPE: Epaulet of Sage +6 - +8 (Special Capes: SIGmetal, DreiFrame, Archridium)
    • CHARM: Minesta's Charm +3 - +7
    • BELT: Belt of Damp +1 - +4 or Belt of Vital +1 - +4
    • BOARD/BIKE VEHICLE:K-Red Board (from Cash shop or Trade Giftbox)

    Armor grades are a priority as DEF and HP are two of our weaknesses. Higher grades obviously yield better defense and hp stats than lower ones. (Archridium>Drei Frame to Forcium>SIGmetal>Terra Grace> Osmium and so on)

    Craftsman/Forcium armors are widely used end-game armors in
    this current generation followed by SIGMetal. These two armors are abundant in shops therefore I would highly suggest as armors to invest for as an end game pick.

    • WEAPONS: 2 slot 16% Critical Damage Increase (Orb or Crystal of Annihilation), 2 slot 7% Magic Skill Amp Increase (Orb or Crystal of Outrageous)

    Just like armor grades, weapons are the same when it comes to providing better stats - the higher the grade the better Magic attack at the highest upgrade you can get. But we should look at the weapon's qualities like the way we should look at HELMETS such as the stats in and outside the slots. Orbs/Crystals of Annihilation or Outrageous are one of the top epic gradeweapons most FA's choose. These weapons provide good amounts of critical damage, amp and critical rate increase.

    HELMETS and WEAPONS should be extended to improve your FA's damage and chances of critical hits.

    Whether to add critical rate or Amp attribute is your decision, their importance are pretty much the same. In the end a 40% critical damage/ 7% critical rate or 24% Critical damage 7% amp and 7% critical rate is what you'd want to aim to have as weapons and helm.

    Work in Progress...


    Novice Rank

    Attack Skills: Get Power Shot and Fire Arrow. You can combo with these two skills when you learn combo mode.

    Sub Skills: Get Regeneration and Fade Step.

    Passive Skills: Get Vitality Mastery and work on mastering it.

    Apprentice Rank

    Attack Skills: Get Critical Shot and drop Power Shot. Critical Shot will be one of your strongest skill, its an amp dependent skill - damage improves with more magic amp.

    Sub Skills: Get Dash and Precision.

    Passive Skills:

    Regular Rank

    Attack Skills: You can choose to get Explosion Shot, its strictly for PvP - this skill has a 3 minute cooldown time because of its special effect that can root (disable targets from dashing, fading or blinking) thus it can be used to chase dashing/fading/blinking targets. Get Fire lance, Freezing lance and Terra lance and work on mastering these skills.

    Sub Skills: Blind is an optional debuff that decreases a target's attack rate.

    Passive Skills:GetEagle Eye and Force Control and work on mastering these skills as you progress.

    Expert Rank

    Attack Skills: You can choose to get Stone Cannon (more damage less range) or Crystal Cannon (less damage more range). I would personally prefer "range over damage in pvp" and "damage over range for pve". Cannons have more cast time compared lances so cannons should pretty much be used in PvE.

    Sub Skills: Get Lower Defense and work on mastering it.

    Passive Skills: None

    A. Expert Rank

    Attack Skills: Shadow Shot is optional. This skill has a decent down effect which can be part of an effective dps combo for pvp and pve.

    Sub Skills: Get Sharpness and Vital Force and work on mastering these buff skills.

    Passive Skills: None

    Master Rank

    Attack Skills: Drilled Shot is optional. You can use it to delay mob damage in pve or have fun using it as a fancy skill in pvp if you want to mess around like taunt your targets before they die. It makes people mad so definitely not a skill of choice for peace makers.

    Sub Skills: Get Greater Heal (You get to heal now) and Vital Bless and work on mastering these buff skills.

    Passive Skills: None

    A. Master Rank

    Attack Skills: None

    Sub Skills: None

    Passive Skills:
    Get Thrusting Arrow and work on mastering it as you progress, this will improve the knock back effect of your skills.

    G. Master Rank

    Attack Skills: Get Gravity Distortion and master this skill as you progress - this will be your first stun skill.

    Sub Skills: None

    Passive Skills:
    Get Art of Healing to enhance your healing, Sixth Sense to improve a significant amount of defense rate, Ruling Force for more magic attack and Damage Absorb to improve your defense. Work on mastering these passive upgrades as you progress to improve your endurance.


    Attack Skills: Get Shooting Star and master it as you progress. This skill can be the deadliest and weakest, it will require you to be well acquainted with its use. The damage changes by number of targets you hit. This will be your strongest finisher if you use it on an individual (one target).

    Sub Skills: Get Mass Heal and Quick Move and master them as you progress. You can now heal a party. Quick is a short buff that significantly increases and improves your evasion. This can be utilized for survivability on both PvP and PvE.

    Passive Skills:

    Transcender Rank

    Attack Skills: Get Sonic Shooter and Arrow Barrage and master them as you progess. These two skills are your final stun skills and can be considered as secondary PvP finishers. Their damage wont change by number of targets hit like Shooting Star thus making them good substitutes on multi-target combos.

    Sub Skills: Get Art Of Sniping - a short buff that greatly increases your Critical Damage hit but disables you from moving around.

    Passive Skills: None


    PvP (duel)

    Work in progress...

    PvE -

    Work in progress...

    Aura, Battle Modes 1, 2 & 3 and the special Skills

    "Aura Mode"

    Upon completion of level 10 rank up test, you will obtain Battle Aura. Battle Aura has 6 aura codes, which are Water, Ice, Fire, Lightning, Earth and Wind.
    There is no stat difference between these Aura Codes, they're merely graphical appearance.

    Work in progress...

    • Aura can be stacked with Battle Mode 1 and 2 at later levels.
    • Aura is the only power up that can combo with shooting star and sonic shooter
    • Aura mode adds crit rate and crit damage.


    Work in progress...

    Things to know about Multi Shooter.

    • It changes the limit of your attack spells to 1, regardless whatever spell it is. Piercing effect is also lost during Multi Shooter.
    • It splits a spell damage and hits a number of targets within range. A maximum of 4 targets only. A good skill to demonstrate this effect is Gravity Distortion. Lure ten mobs and you'll notice only four of those ten will get hit.
    • Shooting star cannot be used during Multi Shooter.


    Upon completion of level 50 rank up test, you will obtain Battle Mode 2: Twin Gunner.
    Twin Gunner adds ATK, MATK, Def, Def rate, Atk rate and HP restore.

    Work in progress...

    FA Battle Mode 2 special Skill: F a t a l Shot

    Work in progress...


    Work in progress...

    GUIDE will be updated soon
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    LET ME HUMP U o_o hard

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    why is Shadow before terra O.O isnt terra bad and practically the same speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaMiaYoe View Post

    The Force Archer or FA. Possible good and convincing words that come in our mind when we think about FA: Magic skill, Heal, Buffs, Range, Crit Rate/Damage, Bow and Guns, effective stunlock, effective knockback/down, FAST Cast Speed/ dps (Damage per second), AoE, Squishy. All of these words are facts about FA and what makes the class good with almost everything – pve, pvp, dungeon pt run/solo, nationwar, boss hunt/solo.
    Force Archers are the only class that can use a special weapon called the Astral Bow. The Astral Bow adds +11 Magic Attack, + 31 Attack Rate and +11% Crit rate and +1 Range. I consider FA as the best supportive class because of its heal abilities that can prevent death. The FA class is both good in PvE and PvP terms if you just get to understand it more. Lets start!

    FA Pros!

    • Magic based class.Having said that, we focus more on building int than str. We have moderate - high magic attack.

    • Enhanced healing abilities. We heal better than Force Shielders. We are the only class that can save others and even ourselves from death.

    • Possesses an Important role in a party. We can heal a whole party. We can remove curse buffs and enhance the party damage with our very own unique set of buff/skills.

    • Fast and strong AoE skills. Skills like Critical shot, Shadow shot, and a finishing Sonic Shooter have fast dps that can pierce through targets. We also have skills that can stun. A correct combination of these skills can result to a good offense strategy for both pvp and pve - We eliminate by using the skills speed and damage. Fast? How fast? For example, while wizards takes 1.8's cast time for lances, FA's only takes 1.3's and Knockback is also our expertise.

    • Has the best range among any other class. This is what makes FA unique among the rest. Astral bow and Eagle Eye each adds +1 range. Range makes grinding easier and leveling up faster. By developing a good stun lock combo a Force Archer can maintain a distance that can lessen the damage being taken from a target whether it be a mob or a person. It is also perceived that Range allows a FA to eliminatea melee target before they can even come near you.

    FA Cons

    - Very fragile creatures.

    • HP has always been a problem with most FA. Whats even worse is that the defense is also low. Ranging an average from 650-730ish defense with Osmium gears at lvl 140 and up. So at often times it will be difficult. You can be 1 hit by a bladers bm2 skill, die easy in grind spots. Early low levels (below 120) is probably the toughest stage of FA life.


    • Our Completer Skill Shooting Star is probably the weakest compared to other class in terms of pve against large numbers of mobs because damage is divided.

    Other things to know about a FA
    • Moderate MP
    • Average Attack and Defense Rate
    • Have one spell that causes HP down effect [Poison Arrow]
    • Have two spells that cause stun [Gravity Distortion & Sonic Shooter]
    • Have two debuffs [Lower Defense and Blind]
    • Have quite a number of buffs including one Party buff [13 total but only 7 can be shared to other players]
    • And one spell that removes unmoved/root debuffs.
    Osm Battle/Terra GraceThe equilibrium of all FA armor builds as what I call it – It’s a balanced build. Thus ideal for beginners. Ideal because theres an abundance of Perfect craft OSM armors out there and are relatively cheap compared to other possible FA armor builds. The defense may top 700 at +7 above which is just enough to allow one to withstand Mutant Forest and Pontus Ferrum mob damage and the magic attack gain can go higher as 1060 given the right orbs eppaulette and accessories.
    Stat allocation: 111 Str / X Int / 223 Dex.

    Osm Martial – Some of us (well I think most) gives more interest in damage more than defense. Which is good thinking in the FA world. In PvE grinds/Boss Hunts Vamp replaces the purpose of defense – its easier to survive vamping and its recommended for mFA builds when grinding. Since we all know that the more int you have the more magic attack you get, this build allows one to grasp on more int and increase the damage. And to see our crits hit the thousands or higher makes us feel good don’t they? Well this build will make it even more possible than OSM battle. Quite expensive, but good.
    Stat allocation: 68 Str / X Int / 136 Dex .

    Hybrid Martial – is a build in between OSM battle and OSM martial. It is when one slightly decrease his DEX and STR stats to an extent enough to wear battle boots like +8 Shadow Tit. +9 Titanium. There are two reasons why I think people go hybrid; One is because they don’t want to lose too much defense, -well I find that reason funny if that’s the case- BUT! To those people who view it as a cheaper and affordable option to get more magic attack and HP (fact: boots & gloves are expensive than suit, Titanium boots are cheaper to extend for hp add) then that’s good thinking. There is no way to look at defense with this build. It gives magic attack damage slightly less than Martial but more than Battle Osm build. Stat allocation:79 Str / X Int / 157 Dex

    SIGmetal – is a build between OSM battle and Forcium. Works good for FA who works more for a supportive role. I also view this build as one perfect balanced end game build IF its Perfect crafted from the event because the defense gain is good (around 850-880 at 170) and HP. Remember when I said HP and Defense are cons of FA? Well this PC Sig build defies it. Stat allocation: 134 Str / X int / 268 Dex

    Forcium – Does show great significance in PvE and Support Role Purpose. As one of my colleagues have stated in one of his self published guide “This is an unpopular build, and for good reason. It's build requires significantly lower magic attack”. I digress. I give myself as proof and evidence of why I contradict such statement - Miavii. They can say forcium amp is rare, it is expensive and not wise to purchase but they cannot say it requires significantly lower magic attack. It is not the Armor/Build that determines significant decrease or increase in magic attack, the orbs, accessories and eppaulette makes this significant differentiation. Its possible for forcium to break 1100 magic attack (which I believe is good) at 160. The defense increase is what we can say significant (900-1k).
    Stat allocation: 153 Dex / X Int / 304 Dex.

    Skills – (creditted to EvilBunny some parts were modified) I still find EvilBunny’s FA skill guide helpful for reasons that it helps beginners of what to do rank by rank. This guide is what I used during my starting days and it helped me so I’ll share it. Some parts are modified since the guide is outdated.
    I will suggest to get to the appropriate level and wear adept stuff so grinding will be faster.

    Novice: Get Power Shot and Fire Arrow to 9. Combo with Power Shot, Magic Arrow and Fire Arrow until u get Power Shot and Fire Arrow to 9, where u can combo with just 2 skills. Get regeneration aswell. Upgrade Skill: Vitality Mastery. Get Dash from sword skills aswell.

    Apprentice: Get Repulsive Armor and max it to 20 ASAP, its your first final buff. Get Critical Shot and drop Power Shot. Get buff: Precision to 20..

    Regular: Get Explosion Shot, Fire Lance and Terra Lance and make them 9. Drop Magic Arrow and Fire Arrow. U can combo with Critical Shot(9) and Explosion Shot(9), or make them 12 and combo with 3 skills (use Fire/Terra Lance plus the other 2). Dont get Eagle Eye until u hit level 140 (Rank 15). Its a final buff but it cant stack with Vital Force (HP buff) so its better to leave it til u can stack both. Get Upgrade Skill: Drop Reflex and get Defensive Sense.

    Expert: Get Stone Cannon to 9 and Lower Defense (Miavii side note: You might be forced to drop the cannons when you have insufficient stat points to master Sonic Shooter if you will pvp more in future). Lower Defense is a debuff great for PvP but u can get it to 9 if u dont have spare points. Eventually max it to 20. Lower Defense is also great for luring mobs cause it makes them agro. Some ppl like Poison Arrow cause it has Damage Over Time, but its kinda slow so its up to u. Get Upgrade Skill: Force Control.

    A.Expert: This is where the fun starts. Get Shadow Shot, Mana Condense and Vital Force. Mana Condense and Vital Force are final buffs so u need them at 20. Drop Explosion Shot and replace it with Shadow Shot level 9 if u combo with 2 skills or level 12 if u combo with 3 skills. Get Sharpness to 20 if u plan to play more support (Miavii side note: don’t get it if you want to get party buff and curse remove at trans). At lvl 140, Sharpness stacks with Warrior and Bladers attack skills.

    Master: Get Greater Heal to 20. Dont get Vital Bless until u hit 140. Its a final buff but it cant stack with Vital Force (HP buff). Dont get Resist Intention. Get Upgrade Skill: Reflex or leave it blank til G.Master skills so u can buy 2 G.Master upgrades instead.

    A.Master: Get Thrusting Arrow to 20.

    G.Master: Get Gravity Distortion and make it 9. Get Art of Healing to 20. Upgrade Skill: U got many choices here. U can get Damage Absorb if mobs are hitting u too hard, Ruling Force if u need a damage boost, Sixth Sense if your Defense Rate is too low. I would go for Damage Absorb to make it safer. Later on u can buy them all but since u only have 5 upgrade slots, u need to choose just 1. If u left your Master slot free and got 2 free slots, u can get Damage Absorb plus Sixth Sense for safer PvE.

    Completer: Get Shooting Star to 9 depending on your combo. Get Mass Heal to 20

    Transcender: Get Art of Sniping to 20 and Sonic Shooter to 20. Upgrade Skill: The last u didnt pick, I will go for Sixth Sense.

    By this time u should have these following buffs and these magic attack skills: (miavii side notes: be sure to obtain and master Dash and fade on sword skill too, you’ll need it)

    Repulsive Armor lvl20
    Eagle Eye lvl20 (only by lvl140+)
    Mana Condense lvl20
    Vital Force lvl20
    Greater Heal lvl20
    Mass Heal lvl20
    Art of Healing lvl20
    Art of Sniping lvl20
    Thrusting Arrow lvl20

    Curse Remove lvl20
    Offensive bless (Party buff) lvl 20
    Vital Bless lvl9 (only by lvl140+)
    Precision lvl20 (if u dont combo and u just spam skills)
    Sharpness lvl20 (if u wanna play more support)
    Lower Defense lvl20
    Blind lvl20 (if u wanna help with bosses)

    Critical Shot lvl20
    Shadow Shot lvl20
    Gravity Distortion lvl9
    Shooting Star lvl9
    Sonic Shooter (lvl 20)
    Fire, Terra and Aqua Lance lvl-20 (lvl 20)

    Upgrade Skills: Since u can only have 6, u have to pick from different upgrades. PvP wise, u want more defense and damage. PvE wise, u want more defense rate and defense.

    PvE upgrades:
    Vitality Mastery
    Force Control
    Defensive Sense
    Force Ruling
    Damage Absorb
    Sixth Sense

    PvP upgrades:
    Vitality Mastery
    Force Control
    Force Ruling
    Defensive Sense
    Damage Absorb
    Sixth Sense

    PvP (duel)
    Crit Shot> Shadow> Terra>Fire>Aqua>Sonic (dps)
    Gravity Distortion>Crit Shot> Shadow> Terra> Fire> Sonic (WA)
    Gravity Distortion is used for 3 ways. If it crits which eventually happens followed by crit shot critting as well. The dmge dealt is enough to beat a WA. (Fact: WA's are difficult to beat as FA provided they are well built), It also breaks/freeze a melee enemy's combo mode if it is casted earlier before they cast force kick but this happens rarely at start of combo but happens rarely. Can be used to make ur melee opponent run and waste time as u cast it when they attack and get closer to you.

    PvE ...to be continued xDDD need to go to school
    pretty good guide but
    Quote Originally Posted by Miavii View Post
    but this happens rarely at start of combo but happens rarely
    ruined it
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinn View Post
    why is Shadow before terra O.O isnt terra bad and practically the same speed
    terra has the same amp as shadow

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    lol terra lance is 95 shadow is 85

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinn View Post
    lol terra lance is 95 shadow is 85
    oya forgot about the update x.x

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    miavii so hott, i saw u on redtube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinn View Post
    why is Shadow before terra O.O isnt terra bad and practically the same speed
    Terra has more amp than any other lances, but in nation war its range can ruin your scoring (aos on whatever) moment. And thats the only bad thing I can say about TERRA lance.

    So why does Shadow have to go first than terra lance? For me lances serve as fillers. The effect of Shadowshot knockdown to lance knockdown is greater which helps in pvp (pk). Chances of knockdown favor shadowshot and then the lances (their cast speed primarily) follows to add pressure. But thats my opinion and I think yours will work too so that doesnt mean Im saying your setting - having a lance before shadowshot - is wrong.
    In another dimension...Miavii is still alive

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    Im not a n3rd. LOL! I hope to be..atleast at school.. coz I have bad grades at some class which is why Im quitting. >.< If Neiro did and gave his departure gift. Then why cant I? I just want to help motivate the fa community because people tend to think FA's are under rated class and ....ahem* ahem*..2 shot materials. I use yahoo! wats ur problem! >:C
    In another dimension...Miavii is still alive

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaMiaYoe View Post
    Chances of knockdown favor shadowshot and then the lances (their cast speed primarily) follows to add pressure. But thats my opinion and I think yours will work too so that doesnt mean Im saying your setting - having a lance before shadowshot - is wrong.
    Nice guide, but that part is incorrect. Shadowshot is down effect which is different than knockback, and lance benefit from trusting arrow but shadowshot does not.

    I'm not sure the difference of cast speed on shadowshot compare to lances, are they different in combo? if so, please enlighten me

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