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Thread: HELP with Kaspersky Lab Internet Security

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    HELP with Kaspersky Lab Internet Security

    i have add Cabal to exclusions in Kaspersky Lab Internet Security but when i go to lunch the game of course, the automatic update starts and it say's i have a trojan virus which i know i don't, kaspersky will not allow the auto update to start even though i have already add to the exclusion list. how can i get the problem sloved, it's not hurting my pc, its just frustrateing, the file line it is haveing issuse with is
    CABAL Online\launcher\gateway\ eng_imgrepository.dll

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    Yea, we know. ATM the best thing you can do is talk to iNub. He is currently the one who knows most about the situation with Kaspersky. He has it on his computer and is currently running various tests to attempt a fix. For a temporary solution do this:

    Quote Originally Posted by iNub View Post

    If you have Kaspersky, you're getting this annoying shi/t message about file: "eng_imgrepository.dll" and can't load the start-up menu.

    1. You can tell Kaspersky not to load on start-up. Restart your computer. Then start Cabal normally to make sure you have all the updates. After that, do this:

    2. Find your Cabal folder. Default is this: ""C:\Program Files (x86)\CABAL Online (US)" (if you don't have windoes 7 it's the same directory, just take out the (x86)) In there you'll see a file named: "Cabal Main"

    3. Right click that icon and make a short-cut. It will say it can't make one here do you want to make one on the desktop? Click "Yes".

    Close the Cabal folder so you don't get confused. Right click the Cabal Main Shortcut that's on the desktop and go to "properties".

    4. In the box that says "Target" you see "C:\Program Files (x86)\CABAL Online (US)\CabalMain.exe"

    Mouse to the end of this directory and add the word "husky". It will look like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CABAL Online (US)\CabalMain.exe" husky < - - - make sure you put a space between " and husky or it will deny the command.

    5. Now turn Kispersky back on and start Cabal with the shortcut. It will skip the start-up menu and go straight to login (after ga/yguard does it's ga\ytard foolishness.)

    If you don't have the latest update you will know via a message at the login screen telling you that you don't have the latest update. In this case you just refer to step 1 and repeat.


    There's a file called "GAMEMON.DES" and Kasperky labels it as "PDM.Suspicious driver installation" C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\DRIVERS\DUMP_WMIMMC.SYS

    This message will come up every time you start Cabal and just click the bottom option to add it to exclusions. You can delete it or block it if you want, but Cabal won't run without it. After you exclude that file from from being scanned you shouldn't have any other issues between Cabal and Kispersky.
    That may be the best solution possible, but I'm pretty sure he is running more tests. He will probably post on this thread soon, so you two can get to brainstorming. I, knowing almost nothing about the program in question, will be pretty useless for this issue.

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