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08-02-2013, 10:19 AM
I am currently considering creating a new guild. I am curious who may be interested in joining. Only "rules" of the guild would be the common ones you see.

- Be Active
- Be Respectful
- Be Helpful

The reason I am considering this is I have been in a few guilds over the past month while I was getting back into the flow of things, and sadly I have found that most guilds, people keep to themselves don't really help each other, and if your not the level they want for what they need your on your own. I often times have been told "your on your own" when I would ask about help with a dungeon, or if someone simply wanted to tag along because I wasn't running Traps or something that benefited them. What's the point of a guild if your not working together? I have a friend who I have ran LiD more times then I care to admit with, simply because he wanted some help or didn't wanna solo it. That's what a guild is about if you ask me.

Therefore I am looking for some people who would actually want to be involved in helping one another with anything be it farming, questing, running dungeons, leveling anything that they might need help with. All one should have to do is mention it in guild.

So if your interested let me know.


We are going with the guild name "Vindictam"

truely false
08-02-2013, 04:44 PM
In a perfect world this would be the template for guilds but cabal is far from perfect because of players idiosyncracies.
Any how good luck with your guild.

08-02-2013, 06:49 PM
this sounds is my dream guild!

08-03-2013, 08:56 AM
in my opinion there are way way way to many guilds and I have owned a guild since 2009, and even had a lvl 5 guild that I disbanned before the rising force update and my other lvl 3 guild is having glitch problems that GM's wont fix, and its been over a month and while that glitch was there I have tried many guilds too, and some were just dungeoning on there own with ppl they know in the guild and some were just not talkative at all I know, but I got tired of it and waiting for the lvl 3 guild to be fixed so I made a new guild, and I think it would be great if you joined my lvl 1 guild, and we do dungeon and I try to help when im on and my friend also helps when ppl ask, hes really helpful, and our name is Santorum , we ran like 5 ic2 yesterday and more which killed me -_- and did some ic1 with my guild member today, got a nice bike drop from lyc boss :D woohoo, so if your interested pm me in game or something ! my ign - Yuni , thanks and goodjob if you read it till down here^_^

08-04-2013, 06:59 PM
Thank you all for the good luck wishes, it's nice to know people can respect what I am trying to create. If any of you want to join feel free to stop by channel 17 and give a shout out. My IGN is the same as my forum name. I will be sticking with my guild so sorry but not gonna join up with another random, we could have a friendly guild alliance if you would like and just help each other if needed. The guild has taken off fairly well already and we have a good base of trustworthy and reliable members. If anyone wishes to join I am generally online Monday-Friday 11am - 5pm Central Timezone. Your best bet is to mail me in game.

Thanks again for all the good luck wishes I will see you all around.