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08-08-2013, 12:00 PM
Hi there ^_^

Level 1 Guild <Santorum> is recruiting awesome active players that love to dungeon!
We look for :
-Level 140+
-Any nation
-Loves to have fun
-Loves interacting with other people!
-Dungeon Runners if not, war people!!

I know were a tiny guild and maybe in the future we will invest in a bigger guild!
If your interested please pm or message Dinosauce/Juuni or Ragna in game please ^_^

We are trying to grow and that always takes time so please be patient if you decide to join !!

If you want to know what Santorum means, go google on urban dictionary and you'll be surprised :D

Thank you for reading and hope you join us!!!!

<Updated August 8, 2013>