View Full Version : Mercenary - Gladiator ,Dungeons and Maps

10-26-2014, 09:11 AM
Hello buddies the Cabal.
Since it was launched the new pdate and the new class Gladiator, I have been constantly thinking about new clsse and has several factors that have not been applied in relation to its existence and it is this topic that will accomplish a lot of these types of absences.

1 - There is a mercenary who can be like the gladiator class to be used in Cabal Online, the same as is used to mage class as a mercenary warrior or gladiator reflects the absence of this factor;
2 - Lack of a dungeon where this one mob similar to those found in volcanic citadel in order to maintain synchrony between classes and keep the full original game story Gladiator, which could be included in one more boss in volcanic citadel boss as normal or "easteregg" the dungeon instead of "Briks" (not sure if that's how you spell it);
3 - Traces arcana map where there are all possible classes as mob but there is a Gladiator class as mob, the ESTsoft could include this class as mob future.

A secondary weapon beyond normal chakram Gladiator, in the same way that the warrior has two types of weapons should also be discussed.

I hope my ideas will be discussed now.