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Conversation Between SkyAlpha and GuardianPat

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  1. oh yes lol, maybe i should reveal myself now xD
  2. change your avvy man
  3. lol well this forum got boring a bit, and i got busy a bit, but i still go on at times
  4. where are you
  5. LOL i didnt log on until my items were gone. So basically, normal normal, then didnt log on for like a month, then come bak today and saw they were gone :O wut can i do =.=
  6. how can you know? proof proof proof or people wont believe O_O

    they might think you were sooo drunk and npc them lol
  7. i cant be hacked, they took my ACC BIND items and not anything else
  8. u was been hacked by someone you dunno O_O
  9. my board and my boots (both acc bind) r gone T.T for no reason
  10. why what happened
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