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  1. You know how I play.
  2. Ha. I kind of like what you've been having people believe and say here.
  3. And I trust that you keep it that way or it will just take a 15 minute drive to kick your a.ss. I know where you live! LMAO!
  4. Told you they were never legit. Who would of thought we once hating each other would end up knowing each other more than anyone in this game? ha. Turns out the only one who truly knows you in this game is me.
  5. Whether or not his intentions are clean about using my account to buy (vouchers probably or whatever cash shop item that has purchase limit) he had no right to do that without my consent. That's the red flag and why I decided to cross him out of my cabal life, he used me. And as much as I hate to admit it, that's the big karma for playing with fire, lmao, I mean yeah the plan was to expose them but to go through that process of earning their trust and account info and sharing mine, look what it put me through.
  6. Please dont tell me you havent moved on about that issue. The fact that han had no hope of retrieving that account just made me meh about that covert mission, pretty sure no ones buying their lies about that duping case. DK and Han have been good to me even though I hated them for lying about it. Dont get me wrong, I hate them (just that the guild was so active and I wanted to stay) the flirting got creepy lol but I could handle it, the thing that threw it of was when I found out that han used (and even saved) his credit card info to purchase stuff on my account. I couldnt figure out a way to get rid of him without being mean. So the mule email I linked to the photobucket account and the ga.y site and it worked.
  7. Clear your messages.
    If I recall correctly this how it went.
    >Alz duping case involvement of davidken and haniel
    >big meeting within game about alz duping
    >peace talks between you and me (found out you in MI and same college)
    >plan to have you collect evidence through getting either one to admit
    >got haniel to share his account/email info for frther investigation in exchange for yours
    >michael and I telling you to change your account's profile and listed email to a fake one so haniel wont dig in to your privacy
    >that part where you showed us the GM's response for his ticket about getting banned
    we almost had that moment until you changed your mind. lol
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