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  1. All clear
  2. None of my message are going through. Clear your inbox.
  3. Yay! I informed Val about my plan he wants to join in also.
  4. The witcher sounds good. But if you get the chance to try an MMO too its addicting. Like Destiny. LMAO. and I just uninstalled cabal but I will install again and see if I can catch u on.
  5. And I want the witcher! I'm getting it. You know I like Mage games
  6. Understandable, at one point I was gonna just roll with that just so most of these thirsty gamer boys can leave me alone.

    And I need you to log in one more time I want to make one more video! And I can call HFB and Cathy to join. Something like.... A in memory of this gang. But I have no as of Sam =\
  7. Oh forgive my actions. What I say in these boards are poison. Of all ppl you should know how my mouth behave, but that's my trademark. They call me whatever and I will play with it. So let me be a guy Rene for once.
  8. Awe, so it's official for me now. One of the queens of War Ch is retired. Yessss! (For those reading this post regardless if you are or were proer than us we earned our ch 20 titles!) Gooooood times. So which one of us is next to kick the monitor...
  9. Reminds me of our ch 20 days lmao

  10. yeah, I have no motivation to play probably because it's not the same as it was before.
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