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Conversation Between Valdoroth and Lord Kronius

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  1. I'm a boss. exp 100%, booster, bb+, and sometimes a partner that has high % and is already 190 so I used an Oath of Soul to give him AP, and he used an Oath of Sacrifice to give me AXP. Once my prem runs out I'll be getting booster for drop rate. I'll gladly do a OoS trade-off.
  2. GG....Monday: 186. Tuesday: 187. Wednesday: 188. Thursday: 189. Friday: 190! Yea I did it!!

    TELL ME HOW!!!
  3. Hahha dangit val! You're right i forgot about the sheet again! zzz wtf is wrong with me i need to remember QA_Q
  4. That sir is indeed a good question, but it has been resolved
  5. Valdoroth.. why we not friends yet?? hmmmm??? answer me this..
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