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Conversation Between Valdoroth and CandiCoatted

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  1. Welcome back Cassey
  2. I do! Probably daily.
  3. Read your messages!
  4. Is supposed to be: "Where you're not" sweetheart :P


    Also your Mailbox's are full! I couldn't mail this.
  5. Well I was going to say one of my fave FA's but then I was trying to think of how many I like enough to even add to faves and you were the only one that plays I can think of. I'm doing great ^_^.
  6. Thats not right!
    and I'm great how about you? lol
  7. Hii! You're one of my 10 most recent visitors How're you my fave FA?
  8. I mainly exited about the guardian titles. I missed them! All tye other stuff item wise will be for the richies
  9. Poke poke! ^_^ So you like the upcoming changes? I think they're overall a good change.
  10. I'm leaving out around 1 today. I should be in LA around 11 2nite
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