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Conversation Between Tenrai and Shinji

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  1. Say what how cheap are chronoscrolls?
  2. Yo I'll switch on over to VOT, I played slayer at frost reach. Just hit me up with your IGN and I'll get rollin. I can easily play for free due to how cheap the chronoscrolls are lol...
  3. I'm waiting for the queen expansion and making a warrior since it got better ways to tank now
    what server you playing?
  4. Shinji bro, whats your IGN at TERA VoL?
  5. Frost Reach.
    I chose to roll with my League of legends crew since no one on cabal was around lol... And valley of titans is ALWAYS packed.
  6. That in tulufan desert?
    I got like 120g lol
  7. I farm 20 gold in an hour solo
  8. Bestest homie
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