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  1. Cool. :3 Whelp, I'm in the process of making my WA epic again under a new name, since I lost my old one. (Thanks a LOT cabal, for ruining that experience) But I found my own way back into happiness with this game. In case you ever get on, I usually am in Chan 14 BI on Merc.
  2. nope lol been on aion.
  3. Hey lol. I check out everyone's profile from time to time on my friend's list. Just something random I do to make my day different. What's going on? You still play?
  4. hi lol
  5. Visiting.
  6. I'm back! I will be dedicating myself to making cabal a better game world. Please come find me there if you ever feel like coming back.... I miss all of you guys...
  7. Wow. It's been five months since my last post. I even have my own internet now.
  8. Yep, stilllll waiting.
  9. Awwwman. Thanks anyway for the consideration. I'm still waiting for them to answer me. XD
  10. Sorry, I wish I could help. I don't play Cabal anymore and when ESTsoft took over they did not continue the GA program so I have no contact with any GM's anyway. Good luck with everything though!
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