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Conversation Between Killa and Roxlyn

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  1. lol hun your a dork^^
  2. Roxy, booooxy, you're so cool you're toooooo coooool for schooool yea yea X3
  3. Found my way back to this profile. Again. Was browsing forums this time like "I've seen that name somewhere before".
    *Looks at older post below*
    Oh. O.o
  4. >-> I was looking at someone else's profile and found my way back to this one. -_-
  5. :O Using my powers of teh stalker I found you! Stalker powers activate! X3 Noh but really though, cool beans. Guess if its okey dokey arti-chokie I'll add you? I can make friends online for some reason better. Idk why. I'm the exact opposite in RL X3. My problem though. Anyway, looking forward to hearing back from you, my birthday is in 2 more days! I'll be 23. :3
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