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Conversation Between Sheep and AngelScythe

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  1. That's not me, rofl. I did second his motion once, in a thread, but that's not me.. I hardly ever get on here anymore >_>
  2. sup guy who claim to molest "girls"' butt
  3. nvm
  4. What are you talking about? lol
  5. geezzzz! don't let your gf diss you over the pic!
  6. The one of WIpwns? lol, no way, It makes me laugh every time I look at it. And my gf thought it was funny too, btw, lol

    Also, the second WIpwns acc that went around spamming it is not me!
  7. Dude, stop being a h0m0 and get that pic removed! Geez! You need to learn how to get women!
  8. <333
  9. Post more!!! We miss you!!! lmao!!
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