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Conversation Between titans05 and SilentM

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  1. y u quit..QQ we need a leader in war..
  2. Yessir. No one to play with. Everyone either moved to mercury or stopped playing. I'm not moving to Merc so yeah.
  3. coco you quit playing?!?
  4. oic..ok see ya then..we got a beast bringer! he is a BL and got dual 40cdi +15 weps!
  5. I reformatted and didn't have cabal installed. It's installed now though so see you next war? :P
  6. we need FB's to root OP caps!
  7. where have you been? no more war in T4?!?
  8. I haven't been playing in general. Who are joo? O.o
  9. y ur not warring in T4 anymore? o.O
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