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Conversation Between BleedingSoul and GuardianPat

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  1. I'm not expecting to, but if I get the oppertunity..
  2. Im an idealist.

    no, it depends the situation.
  3. I'm a realist.
  4. ah ok i see loll

    yeah i know code geass too

    would you like to drive a mobile suit one day? XD
  5. Code Geass
  6. C.G. for Computer Graphic?
  7. Yeah whatever, i'm more of a C.G. and Gundam kind of person :I
  8. lol i thought its "I'll take a potato chips... and, and eat it!"
  9. I'll take a chip.... and eat it!
  10. not really lol... finally you replied back. just as planned >

    did you draw your sig? :P
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