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Conversation Between Lord Kronius and EmmersonLazaro

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  1. You can kill them if you want, i dont mind o.o
  2. Emmer! your guildies beat me up the other day Q-Q
  3. hahah jk jk ofc. I would never pk your guildies ^^. but the next time you don't say hi to me in ch20 (right after I went cap) and not say hi... ITS ON!
  4. Bish i own that guild LOL
    They dont have my supervision thats why they are everywhere.
  5. Dang you are a burn member? man i'm sososos sorry..I've been pking them left and right Q_Q
  6. Why arent you at merc yet? -.-
  7. YO why xD
  8. Yo!
    Fawk you
  9. when are you coming to merc?
  10. Mail xBLackList lol
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