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  1. lol he embarrased himself a bit on 106 should have just came out and said i dont vote instead of trying to make it sount good lol you can youtube that your self dont wanna feel your page of with flocka videos
  2. ego trippin xD
  3. hey can i change my hole profile backround to cam newton? if so explain how
  4. thanks had to put cam up their
  5. forum action>edit profile>signature
  6. hey i forgot how to change signature how do u change it?
  7. your sig got similar to red steel2 for the wii
  8. lol they are(that ura guy that keep following me around), its all good i like it to be honest add more fun to cabal online, but you should have told me you was recording i would have put on a better show(fighting back more running etc)
  9. im just playin with ya broski ill erase the post..ppl to serious these days
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