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    All clear
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    Yay! I informed Val about my plan he wants to join in also.
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    And I want the witcher! I'm getting it. You know I like Mage games
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    Understandable, at one point I was gonna just roll with that just so most of these thirsty gamer boys can leave me alone.

    And I need you to log in one more time I want to make one more video! And I can call HFB and Cathy to join. Something like.... A in memory of this gang. But I have no as of Sam =\
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    Ha. I kind of like what you've been having people believe and say here.
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    Told you they were never legit. Who would of thought we once hating each other would end up knowing each other more than anyone in this game? ha. Turns out the only one who truly knows you in this game is me.
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    Clear your messages.
    If I recall correctly this how it went.
    >Alz duping case involvement of davidken and haniel
    >big meeting within game about alz duping
    >peace talks between you and me (found out you in MI and same college)
    >plan to have you collect evidence through getting either one to admit
    >got haniel to share his account/email info for frther investigation in exchange for yours
    >michael and I telling you to change your account's profile and listed email to a fake one so haniel wont dig in to your privacy
    >that part where you showed us the GM's response for his ticket about getting banned
    we almost had that moment until you changed your mind. lol
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    Clear your inbox daang
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    Awe, so it's official for me now. One of the queens of War Ch is retired. Yessss! (For those reading this post regardless if you are or were proer than us we earned our ch 20 titles!) Gooooood times. So which one of us is next to kick the monitor...
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    Miavi. Where are ya!
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About MamaMiaYoe

Basic Information

About MamaMiaYoe
N A M E:
when asking for a name, be polite dear. you'll get an answer if you do just that. the name's Miavii. Mia to most, since no one bothers using my full name to call me.

G E N D E R:
take a good long look, what do you think? of course i'm female. what else would a woman with boobs be, a transvestite? no offense intended.

A G E:
been alive since May 2008

O T H E R:
your average, everyday force archer advisor. stalking is no fun if there isn't anyone to stalk though. my pipe is my deadliest weapon, so beware.

A P P E A R A N C E:
never ask a woman about their appearance, they all say. we believe that there's always apart of us that society deems "unacceptable" in anyway, be it how we style our hair, to what we wear for our sunday stroll at the park. however, a creature of carnage that i am, prejudices against my appearance are nothing but ignored statements from those green-eyed monsters. we exhibit an aura of perfection, so i wouldn't be surprised if someone spread an awful rumor. couple by my overall standing, well, i won't say anymore.

distinctly, everyone knows me by my hair. long, blonde hair that flows like clear water in a stream. it's a trademark of mine, to seldom tie it-- telling everyone that letting it fall looks more mature and beautiful. besides, with it curled in the edges, i can't find the strength to tie it. maybe i sometimes do, but it's so small a detail that no one really notices the difference. maybe what people remember about my crowning glory is the fact that between the well knowned force archers, i'm the only one with such golden hues as her hair color. i know some of my relatives hold the very light hue of blonde, whilst they all know of me as the golden-haired one.

ignoring my hair, my eyes are the second most distinct feature. they're often called "the windows to a person's soul", correct? i wonder if i have a soul though-- and if i do, do you think that steel blue reflects what i really feel? i've always been told that i look at things appearing as if i'm bored. that i have no emotion unless it interests me greatly. that's what they all say though. oh, i've noticed myself staring languidly at everything though, so maybe that's what they're all saying about my eyes. there are times that they can open wider than their usual, but only if i'm presented with what i love.

if we're going down from them, then next should be my lips. i won't mention my ears nor my nose anymore. they're normal as normal can get, no piercings to mention-- none at all. back to my lips, how could you describe lips? they're just a line, well, two lines when opened-- long lines, to be exact, creeping at every given opportunity when i wish to speak or maintain silence but give out my thoughts without words. i barely put on lipstick, so nothing chemical mixes with my lips. speaking of that, i barely put on make-up as well. i don't think make-up would suit me anyway. it's such a waste using such things when you're already regarded as perfection-- all force archers are. we do hold perfection. plus, i don't think my skin would like make-up that much. irritation might set in, and we wouldn't want that. it's already beautiful as it is, a milky white complexion, bordering rosy pink and pale white actually.

now, something general about my body-- well, you can classify it as laid-back, just like my personality. fine, bordering thin. just a bit, mind you. i'm taller than the average woman, just a bit, standing at five feet and nine inches. my weight, which is really suppose to be proportional to my height, is kind of lacking. at a hundred and twenty-four pounds, you could really say that i'm a bit malnourished. not really, since fat doesn't seem to exist in my body. i'm very proud of that fact, really. at least this figure gives me the liberty of dressing in clothes that i like.

speaking of clothing, i wear only the most beautiful and magnificent of clothing. those that speak of elegance, especially ones that emphasize my features greatly. well, that's when i go out. often times, when not really caring about my clothing, a simple battle gear. i do wear a long cape to cover. contradicting, isn't it? but you can't really expect me to wear drastic clothing all the time.

P E R S O N A L I T Y:
COIN-OPERATED GIRL." [ a follower ]
easily manipulated is our dear Miavii. why, just the sweet melody that is an order for her, she accomplishes with much satisfaction. this isn't naivety for her though, for she despises such people with that trait. instead, this is what has stemmed from her starting days as. as she was always told... no, ordered by her guild master to do a particular thing or task, she has grown fond of it to the point of not doing anything when not ordered by anyone-- her guild master's word topping the charts. actually, one could say that whatever her guild leader says, she perceives as the truth, whether that be far from it or not.

"SITTING ON A SHELF, SHE IS JUST A TOY." [ dependency syndrome ]
all through-out the day, she can either be seen either killing enemies in war... or just dancing under the cool shade of bloody ice pine trees, basking in the cold wind as it hits her delicate face. in complements to having no backbone for herself, our dear force archer basically avoids doing anything that will benefit anyone when she's not told anything. she's so selfish, isn't she? she takes it to heart; these orders, and when empty, holds a book and wonders off to neverland where she meets her imagined prince before running into the sunset filled sky, oblivious to the world outside of her imagination. that or stalk any pvp'ers while eating one of her favorite treats-- ice cream.

"BUT I TURN HER ON, AND SHE COMES TO LIFE." [ curiosity killed the cat || selfish desire ]
the moment something interesting flashes in front of her though, she can quickly follow it despite earlier sayings that she's lazy and... well, in her distant reverie. curiosity that is often neglected when accompanied by another person that she respects, would suddenly pop from her hidden head. yes, she is a follower and a very dependent woman *cough* to her gl *cough*-- but anything that she deems "interesting" quietly or not so quietly, pushes her to at get close to it, if not, attain it for herself.

"AUTOMATIC JOY." [ shallow happiness ]
even with the negative sides of our Miavii, there is something good about her worth mentioning. her trustworthiness. she always keeps her word, not for others, but for herself. of course, no one would notice that. the lady has a very shallow definition of happiness. the corniest jokes; she'll laugh. the obvious sarcasm in someone's voice as they address her; she'll smile. anything that she likes, will make her smile. obvious mistreatment to her in the form of orders? sure. she'll smile and laugh like it was a gift for her. since the past dramas she have endured, she had used smiling as a way to channel that... rage? or is it depression?

"THAT IS WHY I WANT; A COIN-OPERATED GIRL." [ imaginary friend syndrome ]
it's not really an imaginary twin. rather, she likes talking to herself at times, often using her own name when addressing this invisible force. what do you call it-- a schizo? could be. maybe. a gist of her personality that's trampled by a bit of her straight thinking.
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In another dimension...Miavii is still alive


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