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Thread: vRs Cabal Database NA

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    Lightbulb vRs Cabal Database NA

    Hi all

    I'm Kian from Cabal EU and i'm here to let you know that from now, on vRs Cabal Database, you can now find Cabal NA section. You can use it to generate Cabal sign like the following ones:

    p.s. don't worry... the snail in the sign is an extra features just for me because i'm sFS and i'm slow like a snail

    All your stats are stored in a database and used to calculate your rank value. Finally all chars are shown in a ranking system:
    • Best BL, FA, WI, WA, mFS, sFS, FB
    • Best of Mercury, Venus
    • Top 200 of all servers and all classes
    • Highest stats value for attack, magic, s.amp, m.amp, hp, dmg, cr, def

    There is also a report system in this way all fake chars can be banned from rankings. You can also set a custom text in the sign:

    You can set a special icon on your sign like this little snail in my sign

    For sure some of you are already using vRs Cabal Database registered on EU, BR or SEA server. I ask you all to delete you chars. From this moment use the section of your server. If you have bugs let me know.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: Why i can't find my char in rankings?
    A: All chars in rank are checked manually. You need to be checked everytime you update your char. There are 3 different types of statuses.

    You are banned from rankings. You can view the ban reason by login on your profile. When you are banned your sign will be like this one

    You are in to-check list. Just wait. An Admin will accept (or ban) your char
    You have been checked and so you are ranked

    Q: Even if i'm "green" and checked i'm not in ranking. Why?
    A: Simple. In all rankings there are only chars with 1000+ score. If you have less than 1000 score you can't be in rankings.

    Q: Can i create a different skin?
    A: Yes, you can create your own skin. Use the img down as example. Just respect the size and the disposition of blocks then send me your skin via email. I'll add it on profile page and ofc your name in credits.

    Q: What formula you use to calculate rank value?
    A: This is the formula
    1. Set all stats
    C.Rate = C.Rate / 100
    C.Dmg = (C.Dmg / 100) +1
    Amp = (Amp / 100) +1
    HP = (HP / 5000) +1
    Def = Def
    Atk = Atk (or magic)

    2. Constants
    K = 2

    3. Calulation

    Cab1 = (Atk * Amp)
    Cab2 = Cab1 * (1 - C.Rate)
    Cab3 = (Cab1 * C.Dmg) * C.Rate
    Cab4 = Cab2 + Cab3
    Cab5 = HP * Def
    Cab6 = Cab5 + (Cab4 * K)
    Rank = Cab6
    Q: I'm banned and i'm sure that it's because of my high stats. What can i do?
    R: Click on Verify icon in your profile page.

    Q: I've seen someone with icons in their signs? How do they do?
    R: You can set your special icon by clicking the "Icon" button
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    Quote Originally Posted by iSeeYou123 View Post
    By the time you get to DarrkD's skill / gear lvl, you would lose your virginity.

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    west coast
    oh sweet i can move my chars there now
    [Jaeger 18x BL]

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    RedOsmium Chris7's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    how does it work?!

    make me a thingy! my stats areee
    801 attack
    698 def
    25 rate
    69 dmg
    38 amp
    2731 hp *I have a dp D:

    yeyeyeyy 180 wa
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    Quote Originally Posted by iSeeYou123 View Post
    By the time you get to DarrkD's skill / gear lvl, you would lose your virginity.

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    I liked looking at the rankings even more,check out all the NA players on that list

    Last edited by Rastan; 11-21-2010 at 09:38 AM.

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    The Dream
    some merc troll i looked and no one on venus lulz

    Quote Originally Posted by [GM] Lorkan View Post
    Your ability to post is NOT a right, it's a privilege.

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    i made my account but i still think that def/hp is underrated compared to the other stats

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    Quote Originally Posted by LɐthalHeart View Post
    spur if ure not #1 on list then u fail me

    i will be dissapoint

    :O and and and then u u u will cry and and stuffs o.o

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    Yo spur, I love the 56% amp you listed on there.

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