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Thread: Selling Chars/FA gears

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    Selling Chars/FA gears

    All chars have full upgrades/trans skills and have completed all the quests(unless noted otherwise). Message me for more info/offers on the chars.

    155 WA crafts tit armor helm db
    151 WI SOLD
    140 BL no new trans skills
    122 WA crafts tit db blades
    67 FS 7/40 crys 40 dmg kat SOLD
    FA gears for sale:
    forci FA gloves +9 slotted mamp SOLD
    forci FA boots +7 250% 2 slot drop slotted mamp SOLD
    bos6 x2 SOLD
    eos7 SOLD

    bound items i can include on the sword classes:
    k-red board SOLD
    yuan eppy SOLD
    halloween costume SOLD
    Chinese gala SOLD

    35 dmg tit blade/crys (see below)

    trading anything you see for FS gears, pm me with your offers and we will work out a deal
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    about fa

    c/o on FA and What alz amount are u looking for?

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    sent you a pm

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    why you quittin FA supernight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by evoboyix View Post
    why you quittin FA supernight?
    i got tired of FA it was fun but i need a change in pace. Im rerolling to FS. Oh and btw how do i make a signature like that?

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    updated, now selling 40 dmg lapis orb +10

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